WW1 Anti-Aircraft Gunner Game Demo

Test your anti-aircraft gunnery skills against the Red Baron and his comrades in this First World War re-enactment.

This demo has a looping audio so you may wish to reduce the volume of your speakers. The demonstration is not suitable for small screens or devices without a keyboard.

This demonstration shows the basic levels of the game which demonstrates:

  • moving an object using keyboard keys;
  • moving objects along motion paths;
  • events triggered by objects intersecting;
  • scoring of hits (both enemy and friendly);
  • counting ammunition usage and reloads;
  • recording actions for use in a calculation which is translated from a number into text (the result on the final slide transfers the numerical calculation score divided by reloads into a grade from ‘dangerous’ to ‘master’ gunner); and
  • a looping background audio across all slides.

The next levels of the game increase in difficulty by:

  • reducing the size of the aiming sight and targets;
  • increasing speed of targets; and
  • increasing the number of targets in each ‘pass’.