An introduction to RIPA Part 2

The example below is an evaluation version enabling access to module 1 only.

The course was commissioned by Act Now Training and designed for members of UK local authorities with limited knowledge of the relevant UK covert surveillance legislation.

Each module follows the format of a series of video explanations with occasional interactions designed to encourage learners to navigate relevant legislation. At the client’s request, learners are able to skip interactions if they wish.

Each module has an unscored knowledge check which can be taken at any time. This allows the learner to by-pass the module if their knowledge is sufficient.

There’s also a course assessment which can be taken at any time. The assessment is scored and results in a printable certificate.


I was really pleased to be involved with the development of our new online RIPA Training Portal. I have used my experience of delivering RIPA training for many years to help create a product which will hopefully meet a previously unmet need amongst local authority investigators and authorisers; that of cost effective online training which is more than a superficial run through RIPA.

Sam has used his considerable knowledge and expertise to help us go beyond the traditional “recorded powerpoint” format for online training to something which will be interactive, fun and challenging for users.

Ibrahim Hasan, Solicitor and Director, Act Now Training

When Ibrahim told me Act Now were going to develop some online RIPA learning I acknowledged that it was a great idea, but I had reservations because so many online courses are lifeless PowerPoint, documents and quizzes. Also RIPA is a subject that can mean so many different things to people depending upon their roles and functions.

Involving Sam Lincoln with his knowledge and experience was a real coup for Act Now. I have had an opportunity to review the finished product and have to say it is a great mix of knowledge, animation and assessment, using many different learning delivery methods to keep the learner engaged. Sam provides clear well-paced narration and his choice of words make the modules easy to follow and understand.

I would say the modules are ideal for anyone involved with the management and application of RIPA, whatever their position.

Steve Morris, RIPA Trainer and former Detective Police Officer