Spot the differences

This is a digital adaptation of the classic paper-form observation game.

In this version the user has to identify 11 differences between the two pictures. If a correct difference is selected then a green smiley face appears. But if an incorrect object is selected then a life is lost. If all lives are lost the screen changes offering a chance to start again or to reveal the difference.

On the solution screen, each difference is marked by a red circle and hovering over it reveals an explanation.

This demonstration is only really suitable for a large screen of at least desktop size because there is no zoom function.

Enhancements could include:

  • introducing time pressure.
  • recording the number of correct answers.

Lessons learned from the feedback I have received from the Articulate ELearning Heroes community:

  • Include a zoom because this is difficult to see even on a large screen.
  • Indicate the difficulty level (this is definitely at the harder end of the spectrum).
  • Indicate which image has the differences tracked. In this instance the differences are recorded on the right image. Clicking on the left image will neither mark a correct change nor deduct an attempt.